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Steve Zaffron is co-author of the Best Selling Book THE THREE LAWS OF PERFORMANCE, featured in the top three of the Best Selling Book lists of BUSINESS WEEK, WALL STREET JOURNAL, and USA TODAY.

What does it take to go from success to greatness?

Steve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group, has consulted with business leaders from around the world for more than 25 years, guiding them to the next level of performance – as businesses and as individuals. An internationally respected authority on leadership and organization, Steve Zaffron is also the co-author of the new book The Three Laws of Performance.

Working with companies like Apple, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Heinz Northern Europe, Reebok, Northrop Grumman, BHP-Billiton, Petrobras, Telemar Brazil, and Polus Group Japan, Zaffron has helped bridge the transition to a new way of doing business that keeps these companies on the leading edge in their fields.

Many companies make small, safe organizational shifts that amount to little. Steve Zaffron and Vanto Group help companies make the changes that are necessary to allow for the creativity, growth, and cohesion that moves them from success to greatness. According to Zaffron, "To know what is possible tomorrow, you must be willing to step outside of what is possible today." Zaffron has a unique ability to translate complex, abstract ideas of organizational transformation into the practical tools needed to create breakthrough results.

Noted for his ability to deliver provocative new perspectives on competitive advantage, organizational change, and transformational leadership, Steve Zaffron is also a noted speaker who has spoken at Harvard Business School, the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, and the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

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